About Us

The Windy Ridge Makers team is a group of makers based in or around the Concord, NH area.  We have taken advantage of the low cost availability of professional tools to provide 3D printing and engraving services to people who don’t want to invest in the tools but would like custom pieces produced.

What We Do

Turn the digital into the physical.  We can take your digital files (PNG, SVG, STL, OBJ and a few others) and turn them into appropriate 3D printed, etched, or laser cut objects.  We can source materials, create the items, and ship them to you.  You can find our standard products on our Etsy store, or contact us to discuss custom projects.

We can make limited modifications to your digital files.

What We Don’t Do

CAD or graphic design work. We can take your designs, or even locate open source content for you, but we don’t do the primary design work.